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With over 20 years of industry experience in Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, Payrolls & Corporate Governance, you and your company’s every need in respect of accounting will be covered and taken care of by the dynamic staff of KCE Consulting Inc.

Our comprehensive management team have mastered a wide range of accounting skills and processes. We thrive in an interactive work environment giving us an edge with shared knowledge and understanding to support any company with confidence and certainty.  Although we have the highest level of proficiency in accounting processes, we do not claim to “know it all,” and continue studying, learning and growing in an ever-changing business climate evolving and keeping in touch with current industry changes.

Our devotion to service excellence stretches above & beyond the accounting process, we are a registered training office (SAICA), building and nurturing the future of South Africa’s aspiring Chartered Accountants. Our managing team are dedicated to training and shaping the CA’s of tomorrow.

We are IRBA (Independent Regulatory board of Auditors,) SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants,) and SAIT (South African Institute of Tax Practitioners) registered, maintaining our allegiance to the regulatory bodies of South Africa.

KCE Consulting is a Unique, Multi Skilled Hive for the entire Accounting Process, we manage the books of small, medium and large enterprises cultivating the needs of each client individually, giving a personal service akin to that of one’s own finance team of your company – just in a ‘satellite’ office.

As experts in each aspect of accounting services we are able to assist with, inter alia, processing, reconciliations, VAT preparation, statutory requirements, taxation, management reports, valuations, consolidations and so much more.

Our team are professionals in every aspect, covering all audits and audit reviews with precision and excellence, giving you the edge with accurate and concise reports for SARS, Board Members, Investors and Management.  Our auditors have a comprehensive understanding of tax legislation, the companies act and international reporting standards.  With these tools, our diligent team of auditors pride themselves in giving clean and clear advice on areas that may need improvement or attention, if any were discovered during the audit process.

With a strong tax department, who will skillfully assist you with all your statutory requirements, advising and guiding you, to ensure you stay on top of your game in relation to SARS. With accurate and prudent tax calculations we ensure that all parties concerned are compliant and efficient.

We have an experienced and dedicated payroll division who control the monthly payrolls for our clients with efficiency, accuracy and solid advice. Should you have queries pertaining to payrolls, and a most HR related queries, our payroll team is there to assist, counsel, oversee and manage.

The management team of KCE Consulting is committed to serve you, our valued client, with absolute pride as if your company were a part of our own. Allow us to take a keen interest in your business and keep you up-to-date with current legislature, economic changes, interesting facts and essential knowledge pertaining to your financial environment that will improve the way your company runs.

Let us assist you in with the inner workings of your company and aid you in building your company to its fullest potential, secure in the knowledge that KCE are consistently on top of the Administrative Accounting behind your company finances.

KCE Consulting are a transforming company who have never stopped growing, learning and building the skills base of our staff. We are committed to provide you, the client, with a top-notch service from beginning to end.

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